Ways to set up Kik messenger as well as just what can you do?

Quickly send a message or simply ‘catch up’ with a associate or neighbor. Not by phone however by kik messenger or WhatsApp These are free as well as might at any moment of the day. Exactly what are the advantages and disadvantages of these carriers apps?

Exactly what is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a messaging program that works with your cellphone to your mobile Internet connection. Practically all over nowadays is wifi available or if you have a mobile Web subscription you can send out text messages absolutely free. One can make the messages as long as you like, due to the fact that it does rule out the number of words. In this manner you can send all calls without setting you back additional calling minutes.

Exactly what is Kik Messenger and also just what are the benefits?

Kik Messenger resembles WhatsApp is among the many social networks, along with WhatsApp, the most prominent cost-free messaging solution worldwide. The distinctions between these 2 can be discovered in their interfaces, attach the way of the calls. Kik Messenger does not call numbers, however the username and suggests that this privacy is assured.

An essential function of Kik Messenger is that you have a other images, yet likewise YouTube could send videos without leaving the current telephone call. You do not contact us to copy a web link, however can quickly look a motion picture and share with someone or with members in a group. YouTube video clips are not right away available, but with a so-called Kikcard though.

The benefits of WhatsApp.

The biggest and also of WhatsApp is that you could send out sms message absolutely free with anyone you want. WhatsApp has a unique function that could begin a group discussion with your close friends or coworkers. This serves if you wish to set up a conference or gathering. Each team member can pass his day as well as the response is right away noticeable to every team member.

An additional benefit is that if one road or vacationing experience something fun, it can be shared with others. With WhatsApp, you could instantly send out a picture to others, so can other meegenieten and see exactly what you mean. Likewise you could leave a message to WhatsApp and send it free of charge at no added cost.

Ultimately …

WhatsApp is so popular as a message to send out quick, straightforward and cost-free as possible. Also by means of WhatsApp attach to international telephone numbers. And most importantly, the number of WhatsApp customers are 5 times more than for Kik. This enables many individuals in your WhatsApp checklist send out a message. So WhatsApp wins free from the Kik Messenger.

External Hard Drive for Mac

Looking for an external hard drive for Mac?

image_20160725_113133_1Believe it or not you can save a ton of money by comparison shopping right online to find the best deal. Finding the best hard drive for your needs can mean choosing the right size and brand, but price is almost always a huge factor. Make sure you spend less on your drive and get a cheap hard drive deal.Finding the best external hard drive doesn’t have to be a stressful buying decision.

You can get your hands on a high quality, low-cost hard drive in virtually no time at all. All you have to do is learn the ins and outs of what you need and what’s available on the market. The good thing about finding a hard drive is that you don’t have to sacrifice size or quality in exchange for price. You can easily find great deals right online for extremely affordable rates and data capacities.

That being said, here are 5 steps to finding the best external hard drive.

1.) Identify your needs for the hard drive. Are you going to store photos? Movies? Software? Critical data and files like tax records? Knowing what you plan to use the hard drive for will help you decide how large a drive you’ll need and how much you should spend.

2.) Decide the size. If you just plan on storing photos you don’t need a very large hard drive and could get away with something about as large as 100gb or less. If you plan on generating full backups of your computer or storing larger files, go with a 500gb or 1TB (terabyte) hard drive.

3.) Pick a brand. Is there one brand you prefer over another? What about Seagate over Western Digital? You may not have a preference but if you do, consider which brand you might like. Generally speaking they all deliver the same product and functions but some have a better reputation than others.

4.) Shop around. Once you target a good brand and/or model, shop around for the best price. You can use sites like Amazon.com or Newegg.com to find good deals but there are other smaller vendors online that can give you even better deals.

5.) Check reviews and purchase. Once you’ve found a good store to purchase from that has the lowest price, check out some reviews of the product and store and then make your purchase. A good tip is to try to find a store that offers free shipping so you can save even more on your purchase.

If you want something alot faster than a HDD, we suggest either a flash drive or a SSD. To find out which one is right for you, take a look at Flash Storage vs SSD over at ‘All About SSD’

GarageBand on iPad

icone-garagebandWhat makes the biggest difference between the iPad and other tablets today, it is not the material aspect but the OS and applications available. After a little over a year of existence, since it is the developed applications that have given the iPad’s purpose.

Android tablets have only a hundred optimized software is their main drawback. Whether users are looking for this type of product? A microprocessor overkill? A large amount of RAM? Most do not seek one thing: a product that meets their needs, not an inflated thing.

From this point of view, GarageBand is certainly one of those applications that still makes all the difference. There are plenty of musical possibilities of the iPad, but this software is by far the most successful. Sequencer and multitrack recorder mini portable recording studio, it will promote musical creativity, you will not lose the inspiration wherever you were and even create models that you can resume and finalize on your Mac.

irigFull of inventiveness in terms of ergonomics, you can go even further by adding an IRIG to plug your guitar or by connecting a MIDI keyboard. Fully compatible with the first name of the iPad, the app is still a lot more pleasant to use on the new iPad.

Of course some gaps infuriate and prevented from reaching the status of quasi-professional application. The first big flaw is that it is impossible to compose his own chord charts. We can only work on a tone which is selected in the settings of the song, which forbids any foreign agreement and any modulation. a basic music altogether is trapped.

Fortunately, we can play our own agreements outside the “smart instruments” on keyboards or your solos on guitar. The application is therefore limited, but offers a range of interesting features and a flawless ergonomics.

Anyway, for € 3.99 (and around 6.99 for Garageband Windows version), this is a must have , whether you are a musician or not!

In recent weeks, we see flourish on Youtube videos featuring compositions of varying quality. I invite you to discover the next two. Good listening !


Nine Tinder Profile Tips for a Good Tinder Profile

Tinder Profile Tips 2Your Tinder profile is the first thing a possible match sees before swiping right or left. Tinder App has opened up the doorways for people who are looking for a perfect match. While Tinder App is not a match maker; it is just a platform where two people who check each other’s profiles feel like connecting with each other. It is then up to these 2 people how well they go along with each other. In order to have your profile noticed online, people do a lot to optimize them so that it can stand apart from the crowd.

Here are few tinder profile tips to help you further how does Tinder work

Have your Outdoorsy Photos

It is always a good idea to include photos where you can be found doing some outdoor activity you had been interested in. For instance, if you love swimming, you can add some decent photos of yourself while doing swimming or photos of your achievements during competition, if any.

Say No to Selfies Please

Selfies are a BIG NO-NO. It’s okay to have one. But more than one is not recommended. Your selfies will have an artificial pose of yours or maybe having you in group. It is always good to have one formal photo of your face and then upload some nice decent photos of you alone.

Include “About Me”

It is must for you to tell a story about yourself so that people can know you better. Share your thoughts of kind of ideal date you are looking for to let people know how serious you are. As additional tinder profile tips, another tip is to share about your future plans in brief, about your availability on Tinder App, etc.

Show your Intent

This is one of the important tinder profile tips.When creating your profile, it is always a good idea to show that you are looking for a date and you are not here just because you were free today and needed a good time pass.

What do you do?

Are you a student, a professional or a self-employed business man/woman? Let the other person know who you are in reality and what do you do. This will let other person know how sound are you financially as well as professionally.

Share your Interests

Let people know your interests and what do you do during your leisure hours. If you are actively pursuing some hobby along with your present job or studies, it will be good to share on Tinder.

Add Suitable Tagline

Adding a short and sweet tagline in your Tinder profile will let people know you clearly what you are, your aim in life, and what here on Tinder are you looking for. One liner description can show a lot about you and your personality type.

Use Online Templates or Seek Professional Advice

You can find few best templates for listing out your profile. When you have done this, ask your friend to evaluate it. You can also ask for professional advices so that you can have a well created profile for your Tinder account.

Tinder Profile Tips
With these tinder profile tips, there are quite high chances that your profile will get noticed with your preferences.. While including so many details about you, make sure you just don’t start boring people with a long history of you. Make an interesting profile on Tinder and see the RIGHT swipes coming on to.

iMessage For Windows

2iMessage PC will make you able to use iMessage, the popular instant messaging service on Windows desktops, laptops and more! Send text messages, images, videos, contacts and locations and many more! Or start group chats and message easily using your Windows device. ?

Easy To Install

The installation process for iMessage for Windows is intuitive and you just need to spend a few seconds, that’s how fast and reliable this app really is.


Our software has been tested with all the latest security applications and it’s 100% secure as well as easy to use, so you can download it without any hassle.


iMessage for Windows is easy to download, and it doesn’t require any configuration, which makes it the perfect solution for immediate messaging needs.

IMessage For PC

iMessage for Windows is an application that provides you with all the tools that you need in order to enjoy the most popular messaging app on the planet on your PC. Unfortunately, iMessage only provides support for Mac and iOS devices, which means that the vast majority of users cannot speak with their Mac friends if they do not install this app. This leads to a lot of frustration and times in which you just want to avoid problems, thankfully with iMessage for Windows all these issues are history, because the app is reliable, easy to use, and it will provide you with a variety of unique and interesting xperiences.

Downloading the iMessage for Windows is very easy, you just need to make sure that you get the app from our link and then double click it, then follow the instructions. Working with our app is very easy and you will surely enjoy the amazing experience that our application is offering. No matter what version of Windows you have, iMessage for Windows will surely work for you, as it provides complete support for XP onward. In fact, in the Message for Windows installation package you will even find a Windows 8 app dedicated to the Metro environment, which is really cool.Why choose this app? Because this is the best, most reputable Message for Windows you can find online, and it will bring you a ton of benefits that you will enjoy. From speaking with your friends to enjoying your time and chatting with someone you just met, iMessage for Windows brings you an exciting experience, and this is why we recommend you to give it a shot, this is one tool you do not want to miss. Just press the download button and you will get this amazing iMessage for Windows app for free right now!

How to get Kik on your Apple Mac in three easy steps 100% Free

Kik for MAC

3Nowadays everybody either owns a type of expensive smart phone or they own a laptop or computer. The Apple Mac computer is extremely popular. Some of the owners of an Apple Mac is either a teenager, a college student, a university student, a businessman or a business woman. It will now be easier to stay in touch using Kik Messenger for Mac. If you are unfamiliar with the Kik Messenger application, here is a quick run down.What is Kik Messenger?

Kik Messenger Messenger is a cross-platform messaging application that allows you to send and receive messages wirelessly whether or not your friends and family have a smart phone or a personal computer. As long as they have the Kik Messenger installed and activated. It is also important to ensure you have a 3G or WiFi connection.

Why is Kik Messenger a great application to have on your Mac?

Kik Messenger on your Mac is a great alternative for if you are in the business environment and you need to reply to a message urgently. It may look extremely unprofessional to pull out your smart phone during a meeting or lecture. It is also a convenient way to send items from your Mac to a contacts phone. Having Kik Messenger on your Mac is going to make your life much easier.

How do you install Kik Messenger on your Mac?

Your best bet to installing Kik Messenger on your Mac would be to install a program called ‘Bluestacks’. All you need to do is search for it on a search engine (eg: Google). Bluestacks allows you to run Android applications on your personal computer or laptop.

What disadvantages will you experience when downloading Kik on your computer

The main downfall to downloading and installing Kik Messenger on your mac is that you can only use your cell phone number once on a server. If you verify your cell phone number on your Mac you will be unable to use that same cell phone for Kik on your smart phone. If you want to use it on your smart phone you will need to reverify it and then you will be unable to use it on your personal computer or laptop. If you reverify your cell phone number to many times your account will be disabled for security reasons. On a smart phone a verification sms will be sent but this will not happen if you are using it on your personal computer using a landline. To get your verification code, wait ten minutes and then click a button to have your verification code given to you via a phone call by an computer generated voice. You are now able to download Kik Messenger to your mac using Windows 7 Bootcamp with the Bluestacks Android Emulator. Alternatively you can also follow the our guide out how to do it and to do it aswell.

Many people prefer communicating with their personal computer or laptop. Some feel that a phone is meant to send and receive sms’s and be used for phone calls only so this would be a great way to communicate using Kik on their Apple Mac computer. It is easy to use and has friendly settings.

To use all the possible features connected to Kik Messenger you will need to ensure you have the Mac OS available along with a 3G or WiFi connection. You don’t need to feel like you are missing anything when you don’t have Blackberry Messenger with Kik for Mac you can do everything that BBM does all from your personal computer or laptop. It will run silently on your computer or laptop and it uses push notifications to notify you when you have a pending message. You can send messages, audio files, video files and even image files. You can send your location, contact information and even business cards. You will have a tick next to your message which means it has been delivered, once it displays two ticks it means that your message has been read. While your contact is replying to your message it will say ‘writing message…’. Kik for PC & Macis free to download and is free for the first year, after that you will need to pay a small fee yearly. Download Kik for your Mac today!

Cool Android Gingerbread ideas from Yahoo

gingerJonathan Rosenberg, Senior VP of Product Administration at Yahoo has just shared a number of his favourite Android methods and tips using the net. If you’ve  (or in all probability will have) a smartphone that may be operating Gingerbread, you need to go through this nice listing.
Here is the record:


·Visual cue for scrolling: When you are within a scrollable list (like your Gmail inbox) and you reach the conclude from the variety it exhibits an orange hue—a visual cue that you can’t scroll anymore.
·Notification bar icons (Wi-Fi, network protection bars, and so on.): Flip green when you’ve got an uninhibited connection to Bing, white once you don’t. Hint: in the event you’re in the lodge or airport making use of Wi-Fi, the bars won’t flip eco-friendly right up until you launch the browser and get past the captive portal.
·Voice actions: Reveal to your cellphone what to complete by pressing the microphone icon next for the quest box to the residence screen, or long press the magnifying glass. You can explain it to ship an email or text information (“ship textual content to mom, see you for pizza at 7″), get in touch with an individual (“call mom”), navigate someplace (“navigate to pizza”), or listen to audio (“listen to Mamma Mia”).
·Uncover things you’ve downloaded out of your browser: Your downloads at the moment are neatly collected in a very Downloads supervisor, which you are able to locate in the apps drawer.
·Flip a Gallery stack into a slideshow: In Gallery, when you happen to be considering a stack of photographs, fit two fingers about the stack and spread them. The stack spreads out and the photographs flow from one finger for the other, a going slideshow that lets you see all of your photographs.
·Walk, don’t generate: When you’ve gotten directions within Yahoo and google Maps, mouse click around the strolling person icon to acquire walking directions.
·Easy text replicate/paste from a webpage: To backup/paste from a webpage, very long press some textual content, drag the handles round to choose the textual content you would like to backup, and press somewhere inside highlighted region. To paste, plainly lengthy press a text entry box and choose paste. Gmail can be a bit unique: you ought to head to Menu > Far more > Decide on Textual content.
·Turn your telephone into a Wi-Fi hotspot: Visit Settings > Wireless & Networks > Tethering & Moveable Hotspot. (You could must pay added for this attribute.)
·Look at Maps in 3D: With all the most current generate of Search engines Maps, it is possible to now take a look at 3D maps. Tilt the map by sliding two fingers vertically up/straight down the screen, and rotate it by placing two fingers about the map and sliding in a round movement, e.g., from 12 and half a dozen o’clock to several and 9.
·Cool shutdown impact: Once you fit the cellphone to rest, you’ll see an animation that resembles an old cathode tube TELEVISION SET turning off.

Keyboard tips

·Shift+Crucial to capitalize a term: In Gingerbread (and supported hardware), you can Shift+Important to capitalize a letter as an alternative to moving to some separate all caps keyboard.
·Car-complete: The room bar your lights up when automobile-total can finish a word.
·Swift replace: Faucet on any previously typed term, then faucet on the suggestion to automatically exchange it with the suggested word.
·Easy entry to particular characters (like figures, punctuation): Press and maintain any important to go towards the unique character keyboard. You’ll be able to also press and carry the “,” essential for an intensive punctuation keyboard.


·Angry Birds: Well-Liked online game that lets you knock along blocks by slingshotting birds.
·Astro: Awesome document explorer app. Browse and discover the directories in your cellphone, and bring total gain of its capabilities. Wonderful in the event you’re a power individual.
·Chrome to Phone: This a person is basically helpful for Chrome customers. You may send whatever you browse on your own computer for your cellphone. So if you might be heading out to a restaurant or occasion and search up directions in your personal computer, just click the “deliver to cellphone” button (calls for Chrome to Telephone extension) and that exact page will open on your own telephone. Identical with practically any webpage.
·Flash: Set up from Android Current market to enjoy Flash films embedded through the web. Runs even superior on Gingerbread.
·Fruit Ninja: A juicy motion online game that tests your capacity to smash flying fruit. A exciting time-killer within the bus or coach.
·FXCamera: Preferred photograph sharing app with slick results and filters.
·Google Maps: Use your machine like a GPS navigation method with cost-free turn-by-turn voice steerage, and take on advantages of other Yahoo and google Maps functions like Avenue View, Latitude and Spots.
·Instant Heart Fee: Measure your center rate working with your digital camera.
·Phoneanlyzr: Track your phone usage: who you textual content most, call most, typical name length distribution, and many others.
·RemoteDroid: Handle your pc from your phone. Provides you a cellular wireless mouse and keyboard. Great in the event you’re making use of your computer system for tunes or films.
·Shazam: Identifies essentially any song you happen to be listening to.
·SoundHound: File a snippet of the song and get it identified immediately. It is possible to even hum (if you’ll be able to carry a tune!).
·Tango: A cost-free, higher-high quality picture phone app that functions on each 3G and Wi-Fi. In case your system incorporates a front facing digital camera (e.g., Nexus S), you can really like this app.
·YouTube: New UI. Plus, portrait-mode player, and view feedback and drop-along field online video facts

Android Future: Is It Cloudy?

AndroidSmartphones based on Android have quickly outsold their rivals. Every provider seems to be adding a phone based upon Android to their device line up. The variety of applications available for Android has exploded and fed the popularity of the platform. What does the future of Android hold? Is the future of Android cloudy?

For the most part, Android’s future prospects are quite bright. Android has outsold the iPhone. The number of available applications for Android keep growing. Android is also moving into other arenas besides smartphones. samsung recently revealed an Android based tablet to compete with Apple’s iPad and plans are under way for Google TV, a set top box platform based on Android.

While adoption of Android is speedily picking up, one cloud was recently cast upon Android’s future. Oracle, who acquired Sun Microsystems recently, has filed a patent lawsuit against Android. This lawsuit claims that Dalvik infringes on a number of Java patents which Oracle acquired from Sun. This lawsuit has cast a cloud not only over the future of the Android platform but even the future of Java itself. It has also led to a number of former Sun open source projects being forked as the open source community flees from Oracle.

When discussing whether Android’s future looks cloudy, we should also consider another interpretation of “cloudy”. Android is unique among smartphone platforms. Its major competitors have been built largely as extensions of a desktop operating system. Windows CE and Windows Mobile are designed to sync with a desktop PC so that files and email from a desktop system can be “mobile”. The iPhone is based on a MacOS and is largely a mobile extension of a Mac based computer. Android, on the other hand, was designed from the beginning with the Internet in mind. As a result, Android relies heavily on cloud computing to store its data. This creates a type of ubiquitous data storage that resides “in the clouds”. I can add a contact to my Android phone and see it on my desktop Gmail. If I replace my phone, I enter my username and password and all my contacts and data are just there. This is because they exist in the cloud – not on my phone or desktop.

Cloud computing is a natural evolution of past computing paradigms. With mainframes, the computing power was centralized and users accessed the data through thin terminals. As the PC emerged, we saw fat clients with desktop applications. This eventually gave way with the rise of web applications to heavy servers and thin browser based clients. Cloud computing is a natural progression of this process. Android’s style of cloud computing can be best described as fat client-fat database. This is because the client software tends to do most of the heavier work in the shape of the various applications which run on Android. We don’t have a fat server in this model because the server side code really doesn’t do much heavy lifting. However, our data storage is almost entirely in the cloud so “fat database” describes it well.

We asked the question, is Android’s future cloudy? In many ways, the question is an elaborate word play. Yes, the Oracle lawsuit casts a cloud over the future of Android and of Java. And Android’s use of cloud data storage will likely continue to evolve as a computing paradigm. In these regards, the future of Android is definitely cloudy. At the same time, Android has a sunny future as well. It is enjoying robust sales and is a platform which is being expanded to more devices. In addition, the success of Android’s cloud based model has contributed to its growth. So Android’s future is cloudy but for the most part, this is a good thing.